The first impression is the only impression


Memberships allow you to book specific services without having to pay every time you come in. Plus, you join an exclusive club with networking and self-development benefits that will be launching in the future. 

ARGENTI Membership

The ultimate service to ensure an excellent first impression
$ $99
per month
  • Unlimited haircuts
  • Unlimited Line-Ups
  • Unlimited Beard Trims
  • 2 Free Alcoholic Drinks per month
  • 10% Off All Products
  • Book Anytime | Cancel Anytime
  • $15.00 Registration Fee
  • Membership cannot be transferred
  • Membership cannot be used by anyone other than the member
  • Membership charges cannot be refunded
  • Automatic recurring services cannot be scheduled
  • If any refunds are issued, there is a $15 processing fee
  • Memberships can be cancelled at any time for no cost
  • Services only include haircuts, line-ups, beard trims
  • Services do not include anything not mentioned and do not include hot towel shaves or head shaves
  • Services can only be booked a maximum 2 weeks in advance
  • Membership conditions can be changed without notice
  • Any missed payments not addressed within 15 days will result in membership cancellation and full prices charged for any ARGENTI benefits used during missed payment period
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