Supporting the Poor

When you book a haircut at Goldwyn & Sons, you help us support the poor allowing us to make their dreams come true as well as yours. We plan to sponsor more children and support more poor communities. Here you’ll find more information about the child you support.

The child you support

Jhed Menard Villar Draper

“I am 18 years old and live in Pulilan, the Philippines. I am in grade 9 and I love mathematics class. I enjoy playing basketball. I want to be a police officer!”

“My parents struggle to provide for us. I want to complete my education so that I can help my family. My home is made of cement with a metal sheet roof. I live with my parents, five brothers and two sisters.”

“Sponsoring me makes it possible for me to attend class every day and have the supplies I need to complete my education, grow up healthy, and achieve my dreams!”

Jhed is sponsored through Chalice. “Chalice is a Catholic international aid charity focused on child, family, and community development. We work closely with lay people, religious missionaries, and local communities to provide care for the many children and families caught in the dehumanizing grip of poverty.”