Look good, feel good. Always. With a G&S Membership, you’ll have access to many barber service benefits offered by Goldwyn & Sons to ensure you look sharp at all times. We invite you to join our community and experience the G&S Life.


Unlimited Haircuts & Lineups

The Argenti Membership is our valued membership for all Goldwyn & Sons patrons. With this service, you can enjoy unlimited (yes unlimited) haircuts, beard trims and line ups with the added benefit of our book anytimecancel anytime, policy.

Booking: Simply book your appointments via our booking system and you won’t need to pay when you walk out.

Tipping: You can easily tip your barber through our system and through cash.

  • Unlimited Haircuts (including Long Hair Scissor)
  • Unlimited Beard Trims
  • Unlimited Line-Ups
  • 10% off all products
  • 10% off all meals
  • 10% off all beverages
  • Memberships are non-transferrable.
  • Memberships cannot be used by anyone but the owner.
  • Memberships only include what is listed under “Features of the Silver Service”
  • After signing up, expect a welcome email by the next business day.

Ready to join? Simply click the Yellow button below and you’ll be on your way. Make sure to enter your email address and we’ll send you your Membership Email by the next business day. By clicking the button below, you agree to the conditions of this service.


$ 79
Monthly (+ tax)
  • Unlimited Haircuts
  • Unlimited Line Ups
  • Unlimited Beard Trims
  • 10% off ALL products
  • -------------------


$ 800
Yearly (+ tax)
  • Unlimited Haircuts
  • Unlimited Line Ups
  • Unlimited Beard Trims
  • 10% off ALL products
  • + 2 FREE months

Thank you for supporting the poor

By supporting our family-run small business, you’ll be supporting  all the children we sponsor through Goldwyn & Sons. Our mission is to sponsor as many children as possible.

Book Anytime

You can use our existing system, Squire, to book your service. We’ll already have you on our system and you won’t have to pay on the way out. If you’d like to tip your barber, please make sure to bring cash.

Cancel Anytime

It’s easy to cancel anytime! Simply email us at or call us at (905) 582-2613 and we’ll help you cancel your subscription.