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The history of Rossling & Co

Rossling & Co is a Canadian watch brand that provides modern and elegant wrist watches at an affordable price. In this short article, we cover their history. In the next article, we’ll talk about their collections. Title picture courtesy of Rossling & Co and Kickstarter. The beginning I was first introduced to Rossling & Co…

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Employee vs Contractor

When you start a business, an operational necessity is your staff who can be made up of Employees and Contractors. We’ll be going through the differences in this article. This is not legal advice, but an experienced lawyer in this space helped provide the information here. Tests to determine if someone is an employee or…

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The Blancpain Villeret Collection

I was introduced to Blancpain watches through a test of courage. Knowing I could not afford a Rolex, I decided to walk inside a Rolex retail store to see what I would one day be able to buy. There, the salesman treated me as he did everyone else, with elegance and professionalism. I told him…

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Cash Reserves

You need cash reserves for your business. Why? If business is slow, you need money to pay your operational costs. Without cash reserves, if your income dries up, you might default on your obligations. In Shoe Dog, Phil Knight (CEO of Nike) mentioned the trouble of near zero cash flow. Namely, banks constantly threatened to…

Goldwyn & Sons Oakville barber shop watches

Minimalist Watches

A minimalist watch completes the look of a sharp man. It’s classy, clean and is adaptable for casual and formal situations. Here’s a list of 49 watches you can use to complete your look. Also, seven of them are from a favorite brand of mine, Rossling & Co.

Martin Luther King delivering his "I have a dream speech"

The power of good character

Good character has a lot of power because they capture people’s respect in a way that compels them to do more for your cause. People respect you when you have some form of social leverage. There’s two forms of social leverage: fear and good character. Fear When someone is scared of you for any reason,…