A good haircut makes all the difference

What a difference a haircut makes

Peacocks capture the attention of peahens by their plumage. Men capture the attention of others by their haircut. The haircut makes a big difference in your life. Everything is on the line Women, bosses, team mates, investors and mentees are making decisions about you just by your haircut. That means dates, promotions, jobs, grants and…

Notch vs Peak vs Shawl Lapels

What’s a notch, peak and shawl lapel? Does it matter? In this article, we go through what a notch, peak and shawl lapel are and how you can use them to up your style. The Lapel When you wear a jacket, a suit coat or a blazer, there’s a piece of cloth that folds over…

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The perfect business suit

The perfect business suit is necessary for, well, business. It makes the perfect first impression. Why? Because, it takes time to wear a good suit and that tells your guest that you are serious and that you respect them and yourself. Fortunately, wearing the perfect business suit is not difficult. Here are some easy tips…

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Haircuts that close deals

All things being equal, your haircut can close the deal. If you look better than your competition, you’ll appear more trustworthy. If you stand out from your competition, they’ll better remember you. Therefore, get a haircut that is clean and helps you stand out. Here’s a list of the most popular hairstyles you can explore.