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Haircuts that close deals

All things being equal, your haircut can close the deal. If you look better than your competition, you’ll appear more trustworthy. If you stand out from your competition, they’ll better remember you. Therefore, get a haircut that is clean and helps you stand out. Here’s a list of the most popular hairstyles you can explore.

Martin Luther King delivering his "I have a dream speech"

The power of good character

Good character has a lot of power because they capture people’s respect in a way that compels them to do more for your cause. People respect you when you have some form of social leverage. There’s two forms of social leverage: fear and good character. Fear When someone is scared of you for any reason,…

Goldwyn & Sons - Evaluating service providers

How to evaluate your service providers

When you decide to work with any service providers (contractors, lawyers, accountants, etc), you need a way to evaluate them. Here is the information I look at when determining who I work with. How skilled are they? You want to make sure you’re working with people that are as highly skilled as possible given the…

Goldwyn & Sons - Pexels - Working on your business plan

Ultimate Business Plan Template

The following business plan template will outline everything you need to know to write an effective business plan. This was what I used to open Goldwyn & Sons and is based on the resources provided by the city, the banks and Tough Minded Leadership (the best book on leadership as per Dan “The Trillion Dollar…