Goldwyn & Sons

At Goldwyn & Sons, we equip you with the tools you need to achieve your dreams.  That starts with a quality haircut, a fine Scotch whisky and good company. We look forward to serving you.

Our Outlet


67 Bronte Rd, Unit 6

Oakville, Ontario, Canada
L6L 3B7

+1 (905) 582-2613

Our Motive

First Impressions

Are the only impression

It is very hard to change someone’s opinion about you, and that opinion is formed in the first 30 seconds of them looking at your face. That is why your haircut, your skin complexion, your beard are so important. This is the primary reason Goldwyn & Sons exist, to give you an edge in business and life that very few people even care to take advantage of. We believe this down to our core.


Building upon a legacy

Our great grandfathers were successful entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu, India. Unfortunately, due to hardships, that knowledge never passed on. Our parents came to Canada in 1994 and worked hard to give us brothers a good life. We’ve decided to build on their work and the legacy of our forefathers by rediscovering the  adventure and prosperity of entrepreneurship.

Our Executive Team


Co-Founder, Executive

Ryan is one of the Co-founders and Directors of Goldwyn & Sons. With his experience in project management and customer service, he is responsible for strategy and business process development.


Co-Founder, Experience

Russell is one of the Co-Founders and Directors of Goldwyn & Sons. With 12 years of experience in the barber industry, he is responsible for industry experience and customer experience.

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