About Goldwyn & Sons


At Goldwyn & Sons, we want to equip you with the confidence you need to achieve your dreams.  As a result, we are working towards making our shop the only place you need to go to improve your overall look, knowledge and network.

In other words, if you need your hair cut, suit tailored, shoes shined, watch repaired, clothes dry-cleaned or style updated, this will be the place. In addition, if you want to meet other aspiring entrepreneurs, you will be able to at Goldwyn & Sons.



Ryan L. Mascarenhas is an engineering and management graduate from McMaster University. He has 8 years of experience in customer service and project management. As a result, for Goldwyn & Sons, Ryan is responsible for strategy, employee satisfaction and business process development.


Russell A. Mascarenhas is a marketing graduate from Sheridan College and a seasoned barber with 12 years of experience. He is fashion forward, highly motivated and well versed in the barber industry. As a result, for Goldwyn & Sons, Russell is responsible for market / industry research and customer experience.


Goldwyn & Sons HistorySanthappa, our great grandfather, was a successful business owner in a small town in Tamil Nadu, India. Unfortunately, he passed away before he could pass on his wisdom to our grandfather, Ladislaus (Ladislaus was only 12 years old). As a result, when Ladislaus tried his hand at business, his business’ struggled. He too passed away at an early age, when Goldwyn, our father, was 21. Since then, Goldwyn worked tirelessly to provide for his mom and 6 siblings.

In 1994, Goldwyn and Antoinette, our parents, took a leap of faith and moved from Dubai to Toronto. They sacrificed high paying jobs to give us a better future. As such, thanks to our parents, we were gifted with a future that none of our ancestors could have ever dreamed of.

In 2019, we brothers decided to take our own leap of faith, standing on the shoulders of our parents: we started Goldwyn & Sons. It took 3 generations for our family to regain that profound understanding of how to create a profitable business. In honor of our parents and the enterprising spirit of our forefathers, we named our business Goldwyn & Sons.

Today, Goldwyn & Sons aspires to help other entrepreneurs take their leap of faith.