You were a Navy SEAL

I once heard a powerful scenario that changed the way I viewed my capabilities. Imagine you woke up from a coma and, having forgotten everything, the doctor briefed you on your life history. You were a Navy SEAL who executed, successfully, many confidential missions abroad. You saved lives, you fought your way out of indescribable hellholes and you were knocked into a coma after a tough mission.

If then the doctor said, you need to complete some rehab and you’ll be on your way out, how would you behave? Would you say, “It’s not possible, I’m a failure, I’m going to mess up and never get better”. No, of course not! You’d easily say, “Let’s do this.” Why? Because you know that deep within you, even if you cannot remember your past, you’re capable.

In hospitals, people LIVE or DIE by their beliefs. If they think they will not survive post-operation recovery, they have a higher chance of dying. They think themselves into death. If, however, their body’s base belief is that they have nothing to worry about, they have a higher rate of recovery.

In life, we walk around defined by our past. If we have failed time after time in our past, we take our next steps in life thinking we will fail. And we end up failing. But, if only we could imagine we were someone else in a past life, we could take each step forward knowing we would succeed. Then, despite any failures, we’d continue forward until we achieved our goals. So, because we know there was no past life for us, and because we may never have been a Navy SEAL, how can we proceed?

Write down all of your achievements and only your achievements. Write down everything big and small. Then reflect on them repeatedly. You were a hero, you are a hero, you have already made it through the most difficult days of your life. You are the product of generations of survivors. The next set of days are nothing compared to what you’ve already done in the past. When you realize how incredible you really are and when this new definition of you has engulfed your soul, there is no end to your achievements.