The Luckiest Man in the Room

Book I’m reading: “The Survivor’s Club” by Ben Sherwood

Do you consider yourself lucky or unlucky? How you answer that will determine whether you truly are lucky or unlucky. “I’m lucky” = You’re lucky. “I’m unlucky” = guess what, you’re unlucky. Plain and simple.

If you’re a relaxed optimist, you’re more lucky. You’re more likely to be social and meet more contacts with opportunities, more likely to spot opportunities as you go about your life and more likely to convert bad situations into good. In other words, you’ll get more lucky breaks.

But if you’re a hyper-focused, stressed-out pessimist, you’re more unlucky. You’re more likely to have fewer friends, more likely to suffer tunnel vision and more likely to convert bad situations into worse situations. In other words, you’ll get more unlucky breaks.

The difference between both individuals isn’t the world around them, it’s the mindset they have. The optimist will connect with more people than the pessimist at the same party, meaning the optimist has a higher chance of meeting someone that can help them with their dreams. The optimist will walk through life and see opportunities in flyers, billboards and signs while the pessimist will simply reject them. The optimist and the pessimist will both encounter bad situations, but the optimist will see it as a challenge to make him stronger making him more likely to survive while the pessimist will see it as a wall to fall on them making him more likely to succumb.

This is a studied and factual reality. There is no luck in our average world. Everyone has the same opportunities, but only some have their eyes open to spot them. You need to believe that the universe is on your side, that every difficulty is meant to make you stronger, that every setback is a setup for a comeback. Only then, will you be lucky.

Watch this video to see if you’re lucky or unlucky.

Did you spot the gorilla? When I first saw this video, I didn’t. More than 50% of viewers also don’t spot it. We’re so focused on getting the right answer even if there is no reward that we miss the obvious in front of us. That’s why many of us miss opportunities in life while others get them. The relaxed optimist is not so concerned with getting the right answer and as a result is more likely to spot the gorilla.

You too can spot the gorilla. Just take life one step at a time at a more relaxed pace, keep your eyes open and remember that life is on your side. You’ll be the luckiest man in the room.