Needle in the Heart

Ben Sherwood, in his excellent book “The Survivor’s Club”, talks about the incredible story of Ellin Klor. On January 9, 2006, when walking up the stairs to her friends house, she tripped and fell over and onto her knitting bag. When she got up and investigated the pain in her chest, she found a 4 inch long needle embedded in the middle of her chest.

Incredibly, she remained calm and was escorted to the hospital where she was immediately treated and saved. What was the key to her survival? Had she moved excessively, had she tried to remove the needle, had she tried to drive to the hospital, she would have died. There are many factors as to why she survived, but one above all was that she remained calm and chose her next steps methodically. She knew moving the needle or herself to the hospital would kill her, so she stayed in place until the paramedics arrived.

In life and in business, you will be faced with incredible scenarios. How you respond will determine whether you or your venture lives or dies. To increase the odds of winning, you will need to be level headed even in incredible and unlikely situations. Nothing should throw you off. And even if it does, you must remember to return back to a state of deliberate calm. That’s the only way you can make the next wise choice.