A good haircut makes all the difference

What a difference a haircut makes

Peacocks capture the attention of peahens by their plumage. Men capture the attention of others by their haircut. The haircut makes a big difference in your life.

Peacocks use their plumage to attract mates. So do men (in regards to relationships, team mates, investors, volunteer groups, etc). For men, that plumage is their haircut.

Everything is on the line

Women, bosses, team mates, investors and mentees are making decisions about you just by your haircut. That means dates, promotions, jobs, grants and your social influence are on the line. Why? Because, as much as we try to deny it, people judge on appearances. And the first thing they always look at is your face, attached to which is your haircut.

People judge on appearance. Look sharp and others will give you leverage you can use to your advantage.

Based on all this, you can see that your haircut is your plumage, your signature and one of your dominating factors. You need to make sure your plumage is up to par. Change your haircut, and you’ll change the way people look at you. Sure, you can get ripped, but that would take you 6 months and thousands of dollars in proper nutrition and all of it would be hidden under a suit. Or you can get a haircut, which would take you 45 minutes, cost you $40 and be exposed for all to see.

Looking like a gentleman or a guy who just woke up from bed

Don’t look like you just got out of bed or a forest. Every one will think that. How will you make any progress towards your dreams if the people around you don’t trust you or your vision, if they think you’re just another nobody because you didn’t take 45 minutes and $40 to fix yourself up? It sucks being judged on appearances, and it’s important to know a person’s heart rather than their haircut, but not everyone has a few hours to get to know you. They make that decision about whether it’s worth it or not in about 10 seconds just by looking at your head.

All things being equal, which of these two would you want to invest in? Or who do you think a smart, savvy, good looking lady would want to be with long term? It’s pretty obvious.

Haircuts make all the difference.

Even you would look at a well groomed person differently than someone who didn’t care about their look. Politicians, religious leaders, CEOs, Presidents, VPs, lawyers, doctors, investors and entrepreneurs know this. And now you know it too.

Getting started

To get a haircut, all you have to do is book an appointment at your local barbershop. However, if you want to ensure you have the best haircut for your face, body type and personal image, make sure to book with a higher end and highly reputed barbershop / hair salon where the service includes a consultation. Though pricier, the consultation will help you choose a haircut that will put you on the path to success.

One of our clients at Goldwyn & Sons. We give every person the opportunity to stand out just by going above and beyond for their haircut.

Goldwyn & Sons is here for you

We believe this so wholeheartedly that we built a barbershop around this concept. We’re happy to help you look your best. You can book your appointment with Goldwyn & Sons through our online booking portal. Every haircut comes with a consultation by a professional barber / hair stylist that will do all they can to give you that game-changing image.