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The history of Rossling & Co

Rossling & Co is a Canadian watch brand that provides modern and elegant wrist watches at an affordable price. In this short article, we cover their history. In the next article, we’ll talk about their collections.

Title picture courtesy of Rossling & Co and Kickstarter.

The beginning

I was first introduced to Rossling & Co a few years ago when I was looking for minimalist watches I could wear at an affordable price. Theirs was on a top 10 list of a particular website and came with compliments from many watch websites. Two years later, that watch still did not exit my mind, and I bought my own shortly thereafter. But how did this young Canadian company start up?

In 2013, three brothers founded Rossling & Co in Montreal. Initially, they were looking for the perfect wrist watch, something that was versatile, affordable and beautiful. There are many versatile and beautiful watches, but not many are affordable. Unable to find something that met their needs, they decided to create the answer for themselves. With no industry contacts and a combined $400 investment, they established manufacturer and supplier relationships and began a Kickstarter crowd funding strategy.

The first project

Their first project was an ultra-thin watch with a tweed strap. The idea was the following:

  • Keep the cost to purchase under $250 USD
  • Make it suitable for casual and formal occasions
  • Retain a “classic, timeless look”

After engaging with their supply chain partners, they determined they could achieve a watch made of stainless steel, sapphire crystal and Swiss quartz movements for under $250. Next was the design.

Courtesy of Rossling & Co and Kickstarter

I’m not sure if they knew they had a talent for design when they first started the business, but their first designs were beautiful. They kept it in sync with 1920’s and 1930’s European styles, removed unnecessary distractions and acted on feedback from their many friends.

Their key suppliers created the necessary prototypes and sent them back to the brothers for review. They were thoroughly impressed. With the supply chain in place, all that was left was the initial order. Turning to Kickstarter, they set the initial goal to $19,200 hoping that enough backers would pitch in and allow them to start production.

Courtesy of Rossling & Co and Kickstarter

On October 24, 2013, their hard work paid off, because by the end of the campaign, they raised $170,002 with 1,280 backers, an unbelievable feat. They successfully shipped out the watches and began work on their second project, the Ultra Thin Automatic.

Their second and subsequent projects

For the second design, they introduced the iconic Rossling & Co blue hands and Bauhas style design (a minimalist sunburst dial face with simple hands to tell time). Further, to ensure it was ultra-thin, they kept the case thickness to 9 mm, which is very difficult to achieve with an automatic watch. Within 21 minutes, they surpassed their funding goal of $15,000, achieving $125,749 by 339 backers, an incredible feat.

Courtesy of Rossling & Co and Kickstarter

This incredible success was repeated again and again with the release of the Metropolitan Automatic (which I bought), the Regatta and finally the Hydromatic C.01, their first German made watch. I’m excited to talk about each one of them in the next set of Accessories articles. Until then, head over to their site and start thinking about where you’ll be wearing them.