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The difference between suits, tuxedos, morning suits and tail coats

In John Wick 2, the tailor asked several questions to Wick about the occasion he was to attend. Formal event or social affair? Morning or evening? Why was this important? Because each occasion has a dress code associated with it.

This article by Lanieri does a great job of explaining which dress code goes with which occasion and how it should be worn. In short:

  • Suits are typical for business. They typically have a jacket, shirt, tie and trousers.
  • Tuxedos are for black tie events (evening). Satin lapels and cummerbunds especially distinguish the look.
  • Morning suits (aka morning dress, morning coat) are for formal day time events. They go a step further with a cutaway skirt for the coat.
  • Tailcoats are for royal affairs and white tie events. The distinguishing features are the two tails for the coat’s skirt and the silk top hat.

Lanieri covers the the nuances of each wear in exceptional detail. I highly recommend the read.