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Physique #1: The Best Time to Work Out

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According to The Art of Manliness, the best time to work out depends on your goals. If it’s to lose weight, it’s the morning. If it’s to gain muscle, it’s the afternoon to evening. However, the top time to work out is the one you can maintain consistently. Find out the reasons here. I personally […]

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Cash Flow #1: Cash Reserves

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You need cash reserves for your business. Why? If business is slow, you need money to pay your operational costs. Without cash reserves, if your income dries up, you might default on your obligations. In Shoe Dog, Phil Knight (CEO of Nike) mentioned the trouble of near zero cash flow. Namely, banks constantly threatened to […]

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Mind Game #3: Overcoming Fear

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Fear is our body’s response to a dangerous situation. Today, our body may feel fear for situations that are rarely dangerous, such as public speaking and elevators. To overcome it, one solution is exposure therapy. This is where the therapist “exposes” you to what makes you scared in small doses. When you overcome it, they […]

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Drinks #1: Redbreast Dream Cask 2020

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It took over 30 years to make this year’s dream cask single pot still whiskey. As Chris White mentions, Master Blender Billy Leighton married four pot stills from selected barrels to create an “UTTERLY BRILLIANT” spirit. Read his whole review here. Sign up to our newsletter to get 10% off your first purchase. Plus, be […]

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Accessories #1: Minimalist Watches

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A minimalist watch completes the look of a sharp man. It’s classy, clean and is adaptable for casual and formal situations. Here’s a list of 49 watches you can use to complete your look. Also, seven of them are from a favorite brand of mine, Rossling & Co. Sign up to our newsletter to get […]

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Style #1: Haircuts that close deals

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All things being equal, your haircut can close the deal. If you look better than your competition, you’ll appear more trustworthy. If you stand out from your competition, they’ll better remember you. Therefore, get a haircut that is clean and helps you stand out. Here’s a list of the most popular hairstyles you can explore. […]

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Mind Game #2: Stress is Beautiful

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Stress is an amazing thing. It is your body’s automatic response to protect you. It works in life and death situations to bring you to safety. Stress does lead to some physical suffering, but it’s to save your life. Unfortunately, daily and harmless events can now trigger this beautiful mechanism. In the absence of lion’s […]

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Mind Game #1: The Pitch

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When someone asks what your business is about, what’s your response? It’s easy to get stuck when trying to distill your dreams into a single sentence. You can fix this with the pitch. If you nail the pitch, you win the listener, and if the listener is an investor or customer, you win their business. […]

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The power of good character

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Good character has a lot of power because they capture people’s respect in a way that compels them to do more for your cause. People respect you when you have some form of social leverage. There’s two forms of social leverage: fear and good character. Fear When someone is scared of you for any reason, […]