About Us


“The first impression is the best impression.”

The vision of Goldwyn & Sons is to help you develop the self-confidence to achieve your dreams and do the work you love. 

To achieve this, we will help you look sharp and think magnanimouslyWe will create resorts from Toronto to New York to London to Tokyo. These will be places to improve your head-to-toe appearance, stoke your thirst for knowledge and professional development, and meet with other like-minded and driven individuals.

One day, you and your team will be able to visit our resort and enjoy a single-malt scotch by the fireplace after closing your biggest deal yet. Goldwyn & Sons is set to become the luxury goods and services destination for you (yes, you), the 21st century gentlemen.

To start your journey towards success, visit our barber shop in Oakville. For thinking magnanimously, please enjoy our blog, written specifically for that purpose. Finally, to learn more about us, follow us on Instagram or read about us on LinkedIn.

Our Attitudes

  • Put others first: We put others first at all times. We take care of our staff, our clients, and our families.

  • Be thankful: We are thankful for the work we have and everyone we work with.

  • Be positively ambitious: We maintain a positive attitude, a mindset of survivors.

  • Be meticulous: We want everything to be perfect.

  • CIEX: We’re dedicated to continuously improving everyone’s experience.


67 Bronte Rd, Unit 6, our first barbershop, is up and running!
Second and larger location


Santhappa, our great grandfather, was a successful business owner in a small town in Tamil Nadu, India. Unfortunately, before he could pass on his business wisdom to Ladislaus, his son, Santhappa passed away. Ladislaus was only 12 years old. Years later, Ladislaus tried his hand with entrepreneurship, but never having the guidance of his dad, his business’ struggled. He too passed away at an early age, when Goldwyn, our father, was 21. From that time on, Goldwyn worked tirelessly in Dubai to provide for his mom and 6 siblings.

In 1994, Goldwyn and Antoinette, our parents, took a leap of faith and moved us from Dubai to Toronto. They both sacrificed high paying and established jobs to give us their sons, Ryan & Russell, a better future in Canada. Thanks to our parents, we were gifted a future that neither our grandfather or great grandfather could have ever dreamed of.

In 2019, we brothers decided to take our leap of faith, standing on the shoulders of our parents. We started our own business with a grand vision. It took 3 generations to achieve what our great grandfather achieved: a profound understanding of how to create a profitable business. In honor of our parents and the enterprising spirit of our grandfather and great grandfather, we named our business Goldwyn & Sons.

Today, Goldwyn & Sons aspires to help other aspiring entrepreneurs take their leap of faith.

From the Co-Founder, Ryan

Every person was meant to do something great, and that’s why my brother and I have created Goldwyn & Sons, a place, a community and a culture where men can become who they were meant to be. My vision, my hope and my passion is to help you on your journey towards greatness.

Years ago, I suffered from low self-esteem. But, one day, I had an epiphany that every person, including me, was meant to do something great. But where was I to go to make that change? There was no place. We’re changing that. If you’re looking to shake things up, book your appointment with us