High Performance

Work backwards from your goals

According to Steve Harvey, EVERY successful person of immense wealth has a vision board, a board that shows or lists all the goals you ever want to achieve in life. Unless you review your vision board every day and night, you’ll forget why you’re working and your life decisions will never get you to achieve your vision (here’s how to create your vision board).

Upon reviewing your vision board, you’ll need to work backwards if you want to achieve it.

Get rid of “I can’t”

First, in your vocabulary, get rid of “I can’t…”. Switch it with “How can I…”.

According to Robert Kiyosaki, if you say “I can’t do that” or “I can’t get that”, you make a decision and a declaration that closes off all critical thinking processes in your brain regarding that topic. However, if you ask “How can I do that?” or “How can I get that?”, you turn on your critical thinking skills and start coming up with creative ways to solve the problem. It probably happened to you just now as you read this paragraph.

If you cannot help but say “I can’t”, then be honest with yourself and say “I won’t…” or “I don’t want to…”. Then at least you can scratch that vision off your list and move on honestly.

Figure out the personality required and model it

Next, figure out what kind of person achieves these kinds of goals. Are they CEOs, executives, doctors, travellers, tradesmen or business owners? Do they wake up early in the morning? Do they work 80 hour work weeks? Do they exercise every day? Do they eat healthy?

Determine their personality and way of life and become that person. As Dan Pena says, “Success leaves clues.” Copy their good habits, their wake up times, their sleep times, their work out times, their method of conducting meetings, their career path, read the books they read and you’ll inevitably hit upon a routine that leads to success.

Develop a strong reputation and a habit of doing what you say you’ll do.

Come up with a game plan

Once your habits are in place and you’ve developed the habit of doing what you said you’ll do, come up with a game plan.

For each item in your vision board, figure out what it takes to make such a vision possible. How much money do you need? Who needs to be on your team? What leverage does your reputation need to have?

Once you answer these questions, ask the appropriate follow up questions. How do I get that money? How do I attract that team? How do I better my reputation?

And ask more appropriate follow up questions. What job do I need to get that money? Who do I need to associate myself with to find this team? How can I practice for a better reputation now?

Keep asking questions until you’re 5 layers deep, or even 10 layers deep. Go so deep, it leads you to what you need to do now! Right now!

Once you figure that out, take the first step and then the second and then the third, until you reach your vision.