Vision Boards

If you want to succeed, it’s very simple. Develop a vision board. A vision board displays or lists all your end goals. It shows the massive house, the beautiful car, the large family, the distant countries you’ll visit, in the due future. By looking at your vision board everyday and every night, you remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing and you make decisions that take you towards those goals.

Without your vision board, you’ll forget why you’re working and you’ll make short term decisions with no long term gain. Don’t make this mistake! If you don’t know your destination, you’ll never know what to look for and how to get there. Make your vision board. Steve Harvey, Oprah Winfrey and all their counterparts have vision boards.

To do so:

  • Using your preferred search engine, find all the different things you want to achieve in the future
  • Grab all the images and toss them onto a poster board by Vistaprint
  • Print the poster and ship it to your place
  • Take a preview of that poster and place it on your desktop and phone

Now, when you get to your work station, you’ll see your vision. When you turn on your phone, you’ll see your vision. The same applies when you turn on your computer.