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How to not quit your dreams after 90 days

When you chase your dreams, you might quit in about 90 days. Why? It is due to one of two reasons:

  • Either your reason is not strong enough; or
  • Your intensity is too great that it tires you out

Don’t give up your dreams in 90 days. Don’t keep falling back to that old way of life.

A strong reason

Darren Hardy, in his book, The Compound Effect, asks, would you cross a 30 foot plank of wood for $100 on the ground? Most would say yes. Would you do so if the plank was between the roof of two buildings? Everyone would say no.

But, would you do it if your child was on the other side and the building was on fire? You’re already there.

You need a reason that will launch you across the plank:

  • A reason so strong that you’re willing to fall 100 floors to absolute nothingness on the small glimmer of hope that you, yes you, can rescue something great
  • A reason so specific to you that it becomes a sacred responsibility given only to you (you’re running across the plank because it’s your child)

Find your reason, and you’ll find that beyond 90 days, you won’t have yet quit your dreams.

The intensity is too great

When you’re driving and you’re running late, you know how you speed up and pass the slower cars, only for them to catch up to you at the red light? You know how you race to get to your appointment, but you shave only 1 minute off your arrival time? Or you might get pulled over or crash your car? Why is that?

It’s because all the things that will slow the slower driver down will slow you down too. The key though is that the guy that went slower got there at the same time as you, but didn’t endanger half the number of people.

In the same way, when we decide we need to do something incredible and we need to do it now, we speed up. We start to neglect our other duties and endanger the relationships around us, only to crash on the way there, get pulled over by the police, or arrive perhaps 1 minute earlier. Driving at 100 mph for a long time is tiring and dangerous.

Rather, it’s better to look at the tortoise driver, the one on the same path as you. He’ll get to the same destination at about the same time as you with all the benefits of going just a bit slower. Instead of:

  • Exercising 5 days a week 2 hours a day with a personal trainer when you’ve never worked out before, commit to exercising half an hour a day 3 days a week
  • Reading a whole book a week, start by reading 10 pages a day
  • Quitting your job to chase your dream, write your dream down on a piece of paper and read it every night.
  • Diving right into your dreams, commit to setting up all the goals and milestones you must achieve.

Do these small things first. As you develop strength, add the next small thing to it. Inevitably, you’ll have a train moving that no one can stop and in 90 days, you won’t have quit your dreams.