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One productivity trick to outrun everyone

Elon Musk came up with a way for you to achieve in 6 months what it would take 1 year for anyone else of the same caliber: work twice as many hours. If you think that means working on Sunday, it’s not the case. While everyone is wasting time on their phones, in that same time you can achieve maximum productivity and outrun them. And you don’t even need to spend a dime (not even on productivity planners, apps, or software).

All you must do is break down your day into small modules. In these modules, don’t think of anything but that module.

Do that, and you’ll overlap the others. Here are the details.

The definition of productivity and the true meaning of being productive

According to The American Heritage Dictionary:

  • The definition of “productivity” is the “quality of being productive”
  • The meaning of “productive” is being able to produce goods, services, achievements and useful results in abundance. Synonyms include “fertile” and “constructive”.

How to achieve optimal productivity

To achieve this state, as I mentioned before, all you need to do is:

  • Break down the day into small modules
  • Focus on each module as they come along

You’ve heard this trick before. It’s called “divide and conquer”. Divide the day into modules and conquer each module.

For example, I break down my day into 4 modules: morning routine, work hours, after-work routine and down time. In the morning, I only think about praying and studying because that’s what the module is for. During work hours, I focus on all my entrepreneurial tasks, needs and wants and anything related to my business. During down time, I only think about family because that’s what the module is for. I do the same for any other modules in the day.

The Results of being productive

Several outcomes occur as a result:

  1. During each module, you can focus your energy on one task because you know that everything else is accounted for.
  2. If you’re not sure what to do with your free time, you can look at your calendar and see what module you should be tackling.
  3. If you’re wasting time, you’ll feel a sense of urgency knowing that your module’s time limit is being eaten away.
  4. When you finish the module early, you can take a break without any productivity guilt.
  5. If you have a project you’d like to finish, you’ll always have time to work on it because there’s a module dedicated towards it (otherwise, it’ll never be accomplished).
  6. You know that the day was productive.

Every day is a new opportunity and another chance at leaping towards success. We can make full use of it by simply using our time more wisely.

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